Indacloud WTF 3G Disposables Vape – American Pie (Sleeve of 5)


The only thing a large naked man, unicorn poop and American Pie have in common is the statement that will come out of your mouth… “WTF?” This new series is appropriately titled WTF not just for its wacky flavor and strain combinations but for the incredibly strong mix of cannabinoids used in our Knockout Blend. We’ve pushed everything about this series to the absolute limit, with absurd names, crazy strong effects, and our first ever 3-gram disposable. Each of these 3 WTF series disposable vapes now come with 3 grams of our custom forumatled and ultra strong Knock-out Blend, containing rare and potent cannabinoids such as THCp, THCm, D11, THCjd, and CBN.